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Pain Specialist

Pain Specialist Q&A

At American Pain and Wellness, our pain specialists will help to relieve your pain. Contact us today for the treatment you can trust. We have convenient locations in Texas. For more information, please call us or request an appointment online.

Pain Specialist Near Me in Plano, TX and Allen, TX
Pain Specialist Near Me in Plano, TX and Allen, TX

Table of Contents:

When is it time to see a pain specialist?
How do you deal with severe pain?
How do you mentally deal with pain?
What makes the pain worse?

Pain is a part of life for almost everyone. Usually, pain is only temporary, caused by an accident or an injury. Sometimes, pain can be severe or chronic, and controlling this pain requires more than we can manage on our own. Doctors who specialize in pain management can help make life much better.

When is it time to see a pain specialist?

There are a few signs that will indicate that it may be time to see a specialist about your pain. 
– Long lasting pain.
– Pain that prevents you from doing your day to day activities.
– Radiating Pain
– Pain that prevents you from sleeping.
– Pain that you require daily medication for.
If there is continual pain related to a specific motion this could be a sign of a problem that could get worse with time. Seeing a specialist who can pinpoint where the pain is originating from will allow the issue to be addressed. Once the problem is diagnosed, a plan can be put into place to make your life easier.
If you have pain that prevents you from doing your day-to-day activities, special attention may be required. There are times when pain may only be temporary, but if the pain continues for longer periods of time and makes day-to-day activities a struggle, consider seeing a specialist.
Pain that radiates out through a limb or to the entire body, is a good indicator that it is time to see a specialist. Pain is just one indicator of problems in the body. Other signs include numbness, or tingling in specific areas and could indicate that serious issues are present.
If you are having trouble sleeping because the pain is keeping you awake or awakens you during the night, this will have a compounding negative effect on your life. A good night’s sleep is necessary for proper daily functioning physically and mentally.
If you have developed a dependency on medication to get through your day, then seeing a specialist is recommended. Depending on medication to manage pain is not a healthy way of living. Without the help of someone to manage prescription or pain killer use, further damage to your body is possible, reducing your quality of life in other ways.

How do you deal with severe pain?

Dealing with severe pain depends on what kind of pain you have and how it is affecting your life. One of the first steps in trying to reduce chronic or severe pain is to attempt to relax. Deep breathing or meditation techniques can help. Another factor in pain has to do with stress. Stress can intensify the body’s sensitivity to pain. Gentle exercise can release endorphins that help you to feel less stressed and happier in general. If the exercise makes it worse stop immediately and contact us at American Pain and Wellness.
Identify how your pain is affecting you. If you track the levels of pain throughout your day and during your activities you can start to manage your pain. Being aware of your body throughout your day can help you understand what is causing your pain.

How do you mentally deal with pain?

Pain is psychologically and physically stressful. Constant pain can easily lead to anger and frustration. Physicians can provide treatment for certain aspects of pain, however mental and emotional components can still factor in.
Learn stress management practices, like breathing exercises or meditation. Be positive. You can tell yourself that you are doing well or getting better and that can have an impact on how you are physically feeling.
You can distract yourself from your pain by engaging in activities that you enjoy, being with friends and family or connecting with a community who shares your struggles. Support groups are fantastic and can connect you with others who deal with ongoing pain who may have tips and tricks to share. Knowing someone who understands your struggle and can share the ways that they are making their own lives better can make dealing with chronic pain feel much more manageable. 
Sometimes you just need to consult a professional. Especially if you feel overwhelmed or stuck by your pain.

What makes the pain worse?

Alcohol has been a tool that people have used for centuries to reduce pain. The problem with this is that it only works for a short time and can have long-term negative effects on your overall health or it may react negatively with medication you may be taking causing unintentional side effects.   
Smoking, like alcohol, has a short-term effect on reducing pain and the other effects that it has on the body can be detrimental to your overall health and wellbeing.
Inactivity can have long lasting negative effects on your pain although it may ease it in the short term, it can make it worse or progress faster in the long term.
If you or someone you love, need pain management, come see the caring and compassionate doctors at American Pain and Wellness. We have two locations to serve you. Call or book an online appointment today. We serve patients from Allen TX, Plano TX, Fairview TX, McKinney TX, Parker TX, Lucas TX, Murphy TX, Frisco TX, Richardson TX, and Collin County Texas.





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